My Michelle,

Canada's Drag Legend

- The Life and Times of a Canadian Drag Queen -


... hoarder


... alone


... Canadian boy

Michelle DuBarry was born Russell Peters Alldread, November 23rd, 1931, in Bowmanville Ontario. In November 2011, she celebrated her 80th year on earth and we celebrate by counting down 80 of her most important gowns ... starting with the first, her Christening gown.

As a founding and only surviving member of the 'Great Imposters', a unique group of Drag performers, she travelled across Canada, only to be met with disdain, threats, and sometimes jail and physical violence ...

Now, living alone, surviving all of her predecessors, she still gives of her precious time to perform at various fund rasing events throughout Toronto and even across Canada.

Indpendent film-maker Carolyn Kelly wishes to tell her story. Carolyn is an award winning film maker who often enjoys Drag Shows wherever possible and is a lover of rich, human stories. She believes she has found one here, in our own Michelle DuBarry. Michelle is recognized as the Grand Dame, the Dowager Mother, Empress, Mentor and friend.

She is, Madam Michelle DuBarry.

Healthy Body Healthy Baby

A 9 Month Fitness Series for Pregnant Mothers

"Hi moms!" Each and every month this friendly greetings inspires camaraderie and encourages you to complete the workout.

Meet Nichelle Laus, fitness competitor and coach, kickboxing instructor, motivational speaker, police officer, wife, and mother of 3 with this pregnancy bringing her fourth child! She is proof that yes, this can be done, more than once.

Jeeperz Crow Productions is thrilled to present this first in a series of fitness videos under the "Healthy Body, Healthy Baby" brand. HB2-Fitness, featuring Nichelle Laus, soon to be followed by many more.

"Healthy Body, Healthy Baby" is a set of videos custom tailored to pregnant women, from month 2 of pregnancy to month 4 post baby, 12 months of videos in total. Contrary to every other video out there, these videos focus on keeping a healthy body, in order to give your baby the best chance possible to be healthy at birth.

Nichelle gives moms a simple head to toe workout each month. One full set for each body part, giving moms the chance to get one set in, and if they have time, replay it over once or twice for a good workout. Each month your workout changes, to keep it interesting.

Be inspired, laugh, cry, follow along with Nichelle, a real mom, just like you. She's the BFF you need to get you through each day, suffering the same changes and stresses you are. She let's you know, you are not alone, and you really can do this.