Retro Burlesque

Before television and before moving pictures, entertainment consisted solely of church socials or barn raisings, that is until the inevitable birth of Vaudeville.

Troupes popped up in venues across countries faster than the Black Plague, and Burlesque quickly became a whispered household word. The promise of tantalizing pleasures, scandalous comedy, and sexy quirkiness unlike anything available in daily life proved irresistable all too soon.

'RETRO BURLESQUE' is a 13 episode documentary series that will illuminate a classic art form that has seen a huge rebirth. Nouveau Burlesque troupes are forming in major cities across Europe and North America, incorporating timeless styles with flirty sass. Twelve of the best Burlesque troupes from across the country will bring to life and revamp Vaudeville of old.

Just imagine, singers, dancers, vaudeville acts, poets, trapeze, jugglers, contortionists, fire spinners, ventriloquists, and, of course, the classic corset-waisted striptease avrtists, set against a backdrop of visits to historical Vaudeville houses.


One Night Only

Winner 2010 Accolade Award of Merit

5 retired strippers come out of retirement for one final night on stage!

Introducing Victoria, Veronica, Jenn, Candy and Katina! ...

... Can I get a round of applause please!

Those names and the job that went with them may be retired, but these women still feel the pull towards the stage. In their lives today, they are a film-maker, an IT professional, a top salesperson, an artist,and an animal care worker, but years ago they all started the same way, naked on stage in front of hundreds of screaming men.

They all agreed that the inner stripper never really goes away. So with a bit of prodding, they decided to step onto the stage one more time. Out came the stiletto shoes and flesh revealing outfits. Tan lines were reacquired, a venue found, and a date chosen.

All that was needed was the mental determination to do this again... little did they know how this whole event would effect them.